Spotlight on Fierce…Chris Lanston


Celebrity Makeup Artist Chris Lanston.

        Chris Lanston                 Celebrity Makeup Artist

Many of us are curious to peek into the lives of other makeup artists. It’s a glimpse into their world to see what they do different than you or the same as you. We’ve all been there, we admire each others pages, “like” each others photos and even emulate those we admire most in their techniques or results.

I’ve worked with many talented artists and some have become lifelong friends. It’s nice to be able to empower each other, uplift each other, help each other shine and ultimately become stronger professionals and artists.

As I thought of who I would most like to shine the spotlight on, who you would all like to know a little more about, my choice was easy.. Celebrity Makeup Artist Chris Lanston. My dear friend Chris was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to do a little Q & A for Cristina Rivera Beauty Blog and what you read might surprise you. Hopefully it will inspire you to follow your dreams as well.

Q & A with Celebrity makeup artist Chris Lanston

Q. Where would you say your inspiration for your artistry comes from?

A. I don’t have inspirations… I have moments of thoughts.

Q. You recently signed with DGR Agency. THAT’S AWESOME! How has that changed your career? Do you think you’ve found more work, less work, organization?

A. The agency is based in LA and im NYC so its about the same. I signed with them to have more work and celebrity clients over that way. However they do what they can for me in NYC. Im just doing well by freelancing still.

James Vanderbeek for Bella Magazine

James Vanderbeek for Bella Magazine

Q. James Vanderbeek….spill cuz that’s so random. Admittedly I was a huge Dawson’s Creek fan. lol…

A. ) I worked with JVDB when Bella NYC magazine flew me there to shoot the cover and the spread. It was a beautiful location , John Russo shot it and James was very down to earth and a really nice guy… He talked about his Children a lot.
Q. Being self taught myself, I know what kind of passion it takes to succeed. What would you recommend to aspiring artists as far as education, workshops etc.?

A. I think if you are naturally in tune with ART you won’t need classes but if your Ok with it then I think classes are good for fine tuning your craft. Kinda like a singer… You either know how to sing or not. I do teach makeup classes also.

Makeup by Chris Lanston

Makeup by Chris Lanston

Q. We’ve all seen your comments on “Fashion Police”, how did such a cool thing land in your lap? Do you ever experience back lash from your shady comments?

A. That was very random on how I got that gig. A friend of mine knew one of the people from US Weekly and said we should meet , We had lunch in Chelsea at ELMO and we became good friends and then I started doing Fashion Police. I’ve had no backlash yet but I have to be careful not to ruin a client relationship because of it.
Q.Tell me about your work with Bella Magazine

A. At Bella Magazine my title is the FASHION BOOKING DIRECTOR meaning I am responsible for the Beauty and Editorial spreads in the issue. I am the one putting together the team and creative directing the shoot and I also am the in house makeup artist. 

Behind the Scenes with Chris Lanston

Behind the Scenes with Chris Lanston

Q. Your work recently graced the page of Allure Magazine. What other magazines do you have in your crosshairs?

A. Allure was fun because it was a fragrance ad for A LA RUSSE and everyone was wonderful there. I did meet a photog from Fashion TV and he liked my work from a shoot I did with Social Life Magazine recently and ask if id like to shoot with on some of his projects like ELLE , ELLE GIRL , VOGUE , etc so possibly those.

Allure Magazine

Allure Magazine

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? When will you consider yourself exactly where you were meant to be or do you already feel that way?

A. Well I always focus on the now instead of the future but when it gets here it would be nice to have a spotlight on Reality TV , a makeup book , and maybe a makeup line. I consider myself to be at the right place at the right time always.

Makeup by Chris Lanston

Makeup by Chris Lanston


Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for Cristina Rivera Beauty Blog. I know my readers will be overjoyed to be able to stop for a moment and read up about such a saut after artist.


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