Flash Sale- JOE BLASCO @ Makeup Mania!!


Makeup Mania is doing us all a favor in a way. Though they’ve decided to not carry Joe Blasco products anymore (boooo!) it’s allowing us to stock our kits with this amazing brand at quite the amazing bargain!!


So you get a perspective on what I’m actually telling you, we’re talking about Joe Blasco. The co-author of “The professional Makeup Artist 1, 2 &3  that we all have in our “bible” stash of go to books. This is a man with YEARS in the business and has schools in Hollywood, Orlando and Palm Springs. It’s not your run in the mill school just as it’s not your run in the mill makeup. He’s been an artist since 1966 and has held strong in the industry. HIs cosmetics aren’t cheap, and they are worth every penny so when I saw that Makeup Mania was going to basically gift us these quality products at an average of $30.00 in a flash sale for $5.00, I almost slid out of my seat.


Without hesitation I logged into my account, filled my cart with goodies and placed my order. With great satisfaction I sat back in my chair anxious and excited at the amazing bargain I just took advantage of. Then I thought, what’s better than getting something on sale?? SHARING where and how with people I know. Being that I don’t know all of you, I thought this might be a great way for you to not only be able to also fill your carts and hearts with the joy that is inexpensive quality makeup, but also share this post with your friends, family, fellow artists and makeup junkies!!! It’s just for a day so don’t delay!! (ok that was corny I know, lol)


Photo Credit: JoeBlasco.com, MakeupMania.com


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