Ultimate Ring Event- Saratoga Springs NY


I recently came across something sparkly and shiny that caught my eye. It was a beautiful Saratoga Springs New York pendant at a lovely table at a wedding show I recently worked. This beautiful little bauble was enough to make me stop, pivot and b-line for that sparkle. There I met two sweet ladies who work for n.Fox Jewelers. They were gracious and patient as I introduced myself and asked my questions (love not feeling like I’m bugging someone when I’ve got a lot to ask/say).

There I learned about an event they have coming up (like in 10 minutes) @ their store in Saratoga. It’s “The Ultimate Ring Event” and it’s for ONE DAY ONLY!! uhhh yeah!! ONE stinkin day, but oh what a day that will be.

There these lovely ladies or any of the n. Fox Jewelers staff will be able to help you find just the right rock for your finger (or lobes, or neck, or wrist). Not ready to buy? No big deal, they keep a library of information on all of their customers. They keep track of your likes and dislikes, preferences, sizes and price point. You can literally make it a girls day if you like, go “try on” jewels and then let your significant other where he/she can find a record of what you like. Honestly this jeweler is turning buying an engagement ring into “connect the dots” for all involved. It’s an absolute fool proof way to get your shopping done for the holidays. I mean aren’t we all looking for things to put under the tree, or put in a glass of champagne or just buy for ourselves? The answer is YES!!

So, this October 18th, 2014 from 10am to 5:30pm make sure you get your cookies up to n. Fox Jewelers. They’re located at 404 Broadway, Saratoga Springs. Give them a call if you like to make an appointment so you won’t have to wait. This is going to be a full house so make sure you get your time in with someone 🙂



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