Did someone say Sigma??

When you think makeup, chances are you think of what tool will give you the best finish. Some people use their hands, others use sponges and then there are those few that still use Q-tips and cotton balls. Don’t laugh! Believe it or not, I can beat a face into full on glam thanks to my training with Q-tips and cotton balls. Lol… Back in the day when I worked at Clinique used those key items as tools in an effort to keep things sterile.

Now-a-days we’ve all grown a little wiser and know that the right brush does make all the difference in the world. Though your choice of brush depends on the look you’re going for, there is no denying that as artists we need a variety of brushes to be sure we’re equipped for anything that may come up.

Leave it to Sigma to be on the forefront of he brush charge bringing us new innovations for our tool belt.



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