International Beauty Show is on it’s way to a convention center near you! That’s exactly right, for those of you beauty professionals who are hell bent on making it in the industry, building your careers and your income, you’re not going to want to miss this!!

You can save on your admission fee for 2015 with early bird registration! Tickets are super affordable and give you access to more than 150 hari,nail, makeup and business classes. You will learn from artists from around the world as they provide tips and tricks you can put in your tool belt for future use on your clients. You’ll get in-booth education from the masters in the industry that will help your income soar!! Of course we can’t forget the fact that hundreds of suppliers offer super special show pricing (read cheap and bulk buyable) on THOUSANDS of products and tools. I’ll pause to give you a chance to compose yourself…. It’s ok I’ll wait…. You good? Ok, lets proceed 😉

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what the price for this little gem will be for you and I’m happy to tell you that if you get your ticket early (and why would you NOT) for a one day ticket it will cost you $65.00. There after it doesn’t go up all that much either. Yerp, alls you have to do is get your ticket before January 5th and you can take advantage of this generous offer. If you buy your ticket Jan 6-Mar 7 it’s only $85.00 and from Mar 8- Mar 10 just $95.00. Now if you’re anything like me you’re thinking to yourself “whyyyyy would I only go for one day when I could go for longer??” so pricing for more days in heaven are as follows:

Two Days: $130 (before Jan 5th)​​ $170 (Jan 6-Mar 7)​​ $190 (at the show)
Three Days: $195 (before Jan 5th)​$255 (Jan 6- Mar 7)​​$285 (at the Show)

This is not all they’re offering, you have the option of not just attending but you can also attend the HANDS ON WORKSHOP!! Yep, you can get in there and practice what you’re being taught. I learn by doing so this is some kind of special to be able to roll your sleeves up and DO as opposed to watching.. This is definitely on my “Big Deal Alert”, cuz it’s kind of a big deal. Pricing for your HANDS ON WORKSHOP is $250/$265/$290 again depending on when you buy your ticket. Are you seeing the savings here?

How ‘bout as though that wasn’t enough, you can also attend a MASTER CLASS where you will be able to hone your skills and gain insight and tricks for you to bring back to your salon/business. Master classes are $250/$265/$290 depending on the dates you buy your tickets.

Registering is easy as 123 or in this case 1-877-6938 or you can email them ibsny@xpressreg.net.IMG_0779.PNG

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