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Kind of a must have 2018

We all know spring and summer will eventually arrive and we all need to be ready when it does. The link below will keep you one step ahead. #topfoxx


PYP Summit- Makeup, Hair & Nails

There are a few of you who used to follow my other blog (now shut down) and know how passionate I am about Crystal Wright and her super hero squad. From the bible she wrote (Hair, Makeup & Fashion Styling Career Guide) to the help she continues to give artists in the beauty industry is it any wonder I am and forever will be a cheerleader for her empowerment of others!!crystalwright

There may be some out there who don’t yet know what the PYP Summit is and for all of you, I’m going to give you a little snippet of what it is, how you can learn more about it and how you can get involved in you own education in the beauty industry. Please understand that whether you’re just starting out, freelancing or working professionally with celebrities, education is of the utmost importance. It keeps us on our toes and ready to keep at our daily grind. Education = Empowerment and being empowered keeps you climbing to new heights.

Having someone that is willing to not only give you the tools you need to get where you would like to be but to also help you along by showing you HOW to use those tools is a blessing. However what Crystal is doing this time around is also bringing opportunity right to you. I’m not talking about a random one time gig, I’m talking about the chance to be signed with an artist agency who can catapult your career into the stratosphere.

I’ll give you a second to re-read that one mo’gain but it’s not going to be any less true. Halo Agency will be at the summit looking to sign a couple more artists. They’re not there just to smile and tell you what you should be putting in your portfolio they are there to see what you’ve got and give you that shot!! Who else could make something like this happen all at the same time?? CRYSTAL WRIGHT!


Speakers include the inspirational celebrity makeup artist and creator of Glam Kitti (your new must have can’t live without creation btw) Monifa Mortis, as well as Tippi Shorter  of Halo Artist agency and also a celebrity makeup artist. It doesn’t stop there, Jennifer MacDougall, award winning colorist who’s work has appeared in Gucci, Vogue, Cosmo, Vanity Fair, Elle Canada, Home Living, Weight Watchers, Chatelaine, Flair and Marie Claire magazines.

This is a very tiny small portion of who will be there just waiting to pour their knowledge all over you! Click here for more info on the 2015PYPSummit.

So whatever you do, please make time for yourself, and schedule the PYP Freelance Business Summit in New York April 18-20, 2015!


Keeping it Simple

In a world where everything needs to have been done yesterday, adjusted last week and perfected since it’s inception it can be hard on a bride to slow down and “keep things simple” when planning her big day. Sometimes, with as many check lists as one may have, ideas pinned on Pinterest, samples of everything you’ve ever dreamed of tucked neatly away in your wedding binder, you can become overwhelmed and unwittingly turn into a bridezilla. What most people don’t understand is that you are not only planning a celebration of love for you and your significant other, you are also planning a “show” for your guests. Some may not want to think of it as a show but what other kind of production takes as much planning as a movie? The answer is none. A wedding is as big a production as there is next to Hollywood.

I’m not a wedding planner and I’m not a Zen-ologist (it is now a word, you’re welcome) but I am a mom and a makeup artist and organization is part of just about everything one can do in life. The trick is keeping your wits about you so that others can’t get into your head and turn you into something you’re not. In an effort to keep your day one of joy, laughter and feeling like your flying with the love of your life, lets take some time to help you focus. What if there was one thing that can catch the other shoe if/when it drops? What if you didn’t have to worry about vendors cancelling, losing deposits, etc… Well you don’t. Why? Wedding insurance!!


Seems kind of silly to think that some people might not know what this is but on the other hand, who would think to insure their wedding?! Wedding insurance, is just that. It’s an insurance that you can purchase to cover you in the event that something goes drastically wrong with say your honeymoon plans, fire, vendors who don’t follow through, stolen gifts etc.

So with these horrible things in mind (sorry ladies) there is an option that can leave your mind at ease, wedding insurance. This type of insurance prices vary and can cost anywhere from $150 to about $500 (give or take). Now if you’re vendors have insurance, just ask for a copy of it and you won’t have to worry about overlapping the coverage.

You’re going to want to get the insurance as soon as you can. This way you will be covered from the planning on out in case you lose your venue for whatever reason or something horrible like that so that you can get your deposit back.

Just think, one less thing to worry about can actually turn into multiple things not to worry about.

Lashes for Days!

Anyone that knows me knows that the answer I give to just about everything makeup related will include the words “use a primer” in it somewhere. This goes double for lashes!

Did you know that by using an eyelash primer before applying your mascara you can quite literally DOUBLE the volume?! Yep, and the length of your lashes gets a kick in the pants too! I wouldn’t recommend this for waterproof mascara however cuz it can affect the “waterproofedness” yep it’s a word.

First CURL YOUR LASHES, then just apply your primer as you would mascara on your upper and lower lashes, wait 20-30 seconds and apply your mascara over top! I prefer 2 coats but it’s up to you the intensity you’re looking for. Just make sure you cover all the white from the primer or you’ll look like a weirdo.

Here are some options for you in the world of eyelash primers 🙂

CliniqueLashPrimer DiorLashPrimer MACLashPrimer SmashboxLashPrimer

Legs As Smooth As Glass!!

We’ve all been there, we jump in the shower or throw our legs over the tub ledge and start shaving away. When we’re done we slather on some lotion only to notice that we still feel some stubble or bumps left behind. In an effort to help you get ready for those “leg showing days” of the future I thought I’d share a tip or two on how to get legs so smooth they feel like glass.

We all know to wash our faces, exfoliate & follow with a moisturizer to keep our complexion looking its best. There might even be some a night mask every now and then to make sure we’ve removed all dead skin cells or blemishes that may stand in the way of beautiful radiant skin. When it comes to your legs, it’s time we start thinking the same way. First things first, shave your legs at the END of your shower. Doing so, will give the steam from your shower a chance to soften the hair follicles which makes them loosen up the hold they have on your hairs. Next, invest in a body exfoliate. These grainy little wonders scrub and gently slough off the dead skin cells, forgotten lotions and anything else that might cause resistance in removing all the hair.


Once you’re all scrubbed up (go ahead and use that scrub on your feet too btw, it helps to get rid of dead skin cells and you’ll emerge with soft supple feet), rinse your legs off and reach for your shave gel. Glide the gel all over your legs and rinse your hands (slippery hands mean the razor can slip and that can lead to a nasty knick so just rinse). Grab your razor and shave against the growth of the hair. Going against the growth instead of with the growth gives you a closer shave.

When you’re all done, pat your legs dry and reach for the body butter. I know there are plenty of lotions out there but in my opinion, body butter is where it’s at for locking in moisture ALL DAY LONG and helping with that smooth feeling. Honestly, my all-time favorite (aside from shea butter direct from the plant) is Clinique’s body butter.BathandBodyWorksBodyButter


There you have it ladies, the smoothest legs you could ever ask for. Now just top those  stems w/ R.C.K (Red Carpet Kolour) and you’ll have the most amazing legs you never knew you already had.