Product Review- “Whish” Body Butter


So I received this body butter in the mail and I gotta admit I was overjoyed. I absolutely LOVE body butter!! Unreasonably so actually. It’s called “Whish” and I absolutely love their shave cream so I couldn’t wait to use this little goodie. The name alone sounds like it’s fresh and light “whishhhh” like a warm summer breeze.


After using it for a few weeks I thought I’d let you all know what I think just in case you were in search of a good body butter or simple gift to give yourself or someone else.

Scented lightly with lavender (one of my fav’s) it doesn’t over power my perfume but definitely doesn’t go un-noticed and felt less like butter and more like a thicker lotion. NOT to be confused with a cream either however. It was kind of in between. It goes on smoothly and absorbs rather quickly without leaving a greasy trail once it’s soaked in. The softness last pretty much until your next hand washing and that’s saying a lot since I use hand sanitizer all day long.

I wouldn’t say that I was disappointed with this product just simply had a completely different idea of what it was going to be prior to using it. I’m used to thick shea butter like body butter or at the very least, the consistency of the body creams from bath and body works. Still, this hard working, sweet smelling gem is def one I want at my desk always. whishbodybuttersingle


Lashes for Days!

Anyone that knows me knows that the answer I give to just about everything makeup related will include the words “use a primer” in it somewhere. This goes double for lashes!

Did you know that by using an eyelash primer before applying your mascara you can quite literally DOUBLE the volume?! Yep, and the length of your lashes gets a kick in the pants too! I wouldn’t recommend this for waterproof mascara however cuz it can affect the “waterproofedness” yep it’s a word.

First CURL YOUR LASHES, then just apply your primer as you would mascara on your upper and lower lashes, wait 20-30 seconds and apply your mascara over top! I prefer 2 coats but it’s up to you the intensity you’re looking for. Just make sure you cover all the white from the primer or you’ll look like a weirdo.

Here are some options for you in the world of eyelash primers 🙂

CliniqueLashPrimer DiorLashPrimer MACLashPrimer SmashboxLashPrimer

Legs As Smooth As Glass!!

We’ve all been there, we jump in the shower or throw our legs over the tub ledge and start shaving away. When we’re done we slather on some lotion only to notice that we still feel some stubble or bumps left behind. In an effort to help you get ready for those “leg showing days” of the future I thought I’d share a tip or two on how to get legs so smooth they feel like glass.

We all know to wash our faces, exfoliate & follow with a moisturizer to keep our complexion looking its best. There might even be some a night mask every now and then to make sure we’ve removed all dead skin cells or blemishes that may stand in the way of beautiful radiant skin. When it comes to your legs, it’s time we start thinking the same way. First things first, shave your legs at the END of your shower. Doing so, will give the steam from your shower a chance to soften the hair follicles which makes them loosen up the hold they have on your hairs. Next, invest in a body exfoliate. These grainy little wonders scrub and gently slough off the dead skin cells, forgotten lotions and anything else that might cause resistance in removing all the hair.


Once you’re all scrubbed up (go ahead and use that scrub on your feet too btw, it helps to get rid of dead skin cells and you’ll emerge with soft supple feet), rinse your legs off and reach for your shave gel. Glide the gel all over your legs and rinse your hands (slippery hands mean the razor can slip and that can lead to a nasty knick so just rinse). Grab your razor and shave against the growth of the hair. Going against the growth instead of with the growth gives you a closer shave.

When you’re all done, pat your legs dry and reach for the body butter. I know there are plenty of lotions out there but in my opinion, body butter is where it’s at for locking in moisture ALL DAY LONG and helping with that smooth feeling. Honestly, my all-time favorite (aside from shea butter direct from the plant) is Clinique’s body butter.BathandBodyWorksBodyButter


There you have it ladies, the smoothest legs you could ever ask for. Now just top those  stems w/ R.C.K (Red Carpet Kolour) and you’ll have the most amazing legs you never knew you already had.


Something Blue…

As traditions go, this is one we all know very well. Whether you’ve dreamed of your wedding day since you were a child or just started planning when you met your one and only, “something blue” has or sill unavoidably pop into your mind.

As many people have undoubtedly gotten engaged recently or will come February 14th, I thought I’d help out with your planning with some fun ideas!! Just pin them and save them for later if you’re waiting on your honey to pop the question.

Some of you are “traditional thinkers” and some are “out of the box” thinkers but whatever your mode, these ideas might just be what you never knew you always wanted.

First, let me start with the obvious. Well obvious for me anyway being a makeup artist. What if you forgo the traditional soft browns and blacks and went with a more electrifying and captivating eyeliner? Makeup Forever has an amazing waterproof formula that will make your eyes the focus of your day. Windows to the soul and all, this isn’t exactly a bad idea!!


If that’s too much for you, maybe mixing your black/brown traditional liners with a blue mascara?! MAC makes an intense blue that will fringe your eyes in a unique way.


Need your black liner, black mascara and lashes?  I’m with ya sister, cuz i can’t live without them either. What if you added a smidge of YOWZA to that bridal look? YOWZA in the form of Makeup Forever’s electric blue eye shadow that is!!! This creamy powder glides on, crease free, leaving a trail of pigmented yumminess that begs you to make it a staple in your makeup bag. We’re not going for 80’s here, we’re going for edgy so don’t get all crazy with the hot pink cupie doll blush and frost pink lipstick on me now.

make up for ever aqua cream in intense blue $ 23 blue eye makeup trend

Leading into other fun options, maybe your jewelry can have a pop of color a midst the diamonds and pearls! Just look at these earrings! Can you just imagine these (or something like these, I’m just giving ideas here) dangling from your lobes?!

blue topaz

What about this amazing necklace draped around your neck adding to the elegance you’re already radiating? Again, we’re going with the idea not necessarily the exact piece. Though this one is kind of amazing and I think the makers are Nagota Creations.

White Gold - Necklace Set with Blue Topaz and Diamond

Here’s another idea I saw as so our darling since it adds just enough subtle color without distracting from say, your dress. These hair pins fit sweetly and snuggly into your curls, waves & buns, kind of like the frosting on a cake!

Something Blue Pearls Wedding Hair Pins_ Set of 5, 8mm Swarovski ___Jennifer Bridal Hair Pins Something Blue White Pearl Crystal Spray

One little detail that people don’t really think of are the shoes! Sure you can wear a garter with something blue, a bra with a blue flower or whatever else hidden so you an just get the tradition “handled” but what about a delicate feminine detail that would only be seen if you so decided. If for example you say wrote your vow of “I Do” on the bottoms of your shoes, how cool would that be for your guests to see it as you kneel in church? I just love that idea.

Do Shoe Stickers - Blue Crystal

My last little brainstorming idea was to buy clip on earrings, in blue (duh) and clip them to the backs of your shoes. This gives them a bit of bling without going over the top! I’d love to see what ideas you guys have!!


Under Eye Circles Be Gone!!

Those Little Dark Circles Don’t Seem So Small When They’re on your FACE!!

I’ve been asked a lot recently regarding how to get rid of or cover under eye circles so I thought I’d reach back to a previous post I did on another web page and bring on back. Yep, we’re recycling, heating up leftovers, re-posting, however you wanna say it. Lasagna is always better the next day so I’m ok with that. And of course, now I’m hungry.

Ok we are not a football player! Well, I would think that most of us aren’t anyway. And because of this, we would rather not have those pesky little circles under our eyes, am I right? Sure I am! Cuz no matter how funny those meme’s are, those bags are not and never will be…designer.

With that said, let me first start by saying that sleeping with your makeup on not only hurts me (it really does kill me to learn that people do this), it hurts your cause!! Did you know that if you don’t get all of that mascara and eyeliner off of those lids, over time they will actually STAIN your lids? UPPER AND LOWER PEOPLE!! Yeah, not pretty! (think that Seinfeld episode where they looked different in different light…from wow to ew). Don’t act like you didn’t watch Seinfeld and don’t know what I’m talking about either, we all still love Seinfeld.


So, in order to avoid this awkward situation, how bout we go ahead and get some eye makeup remover, a cotton ball and a Q-tip (yes, I’m that serious). Make sure you remove all of your makeup before you turn in for the night. Get in there with your Q-tip so that you can get every bit there is and not wake up with racoon eyes (not attractive) and avoid staining this thin sensitive skin around your pretty peepers!!

Next, you’re going to want to moisturize on a regular basis. Yes REGULAR basis, as in morning and night. Find an eye cream that attends to the problem areas or problems you’re tryin to avoid (ie..puffy, dark, lines etc) and dab dab dab! Your eyes will thank you for it! Here’s a multi-purpose cream that will do everything you could ever want a face cream to do. Embryolisse… Learn it, live it, love it… you’re welcome.


Moving right along, did you know that certain colors are used to correct different problems? Yep, that dang color theory wheel you had to learn in high school art sure comes in handy for us MUA’s!! Doncha wish you paid attention?? Well lucky for you, I’m here to give you some tips on how to use color (and not gobs of it for the love) to cover up your little imperfections until you’ve treated them away 🙂

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1197083_f260

If the problem you’re having is bluish or purplish veins under your eyes and you’ve got light to medium skin tone you’re really going to want to use a peach/salmon concealer dabbed every so lightly. With medium to dark skin you’re going to want to reach out and pick up a yellow/salmon or orange concealer. These are to be used sparingly as you don’t want to have that chalky built up look under those eyes.

For dark brown or deep red circles, with light or medium skin you would use yellow or a very light peachy color and for medium or dark skin, use a yellow (more golden than yellow) or salmon color.

One thing that i find not only brightens up the under eye and top of cheekbone area is a product called “Banana Powder“. It is magic in a bottle! This yellow powder applied sparingly just under the eyes can bring a warm glow and brightness to the face giving the appearance of rest and energy. Ben Nye banana powder can be found at various stores and websites, just google or bing it!! (ooooor just click the words and it’ll take you there)

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_Bella_Powders_prod_img__92145_1342720654_600_600

Now repeat after me…”I will not use a shade too light for my skin to cover up my dark circles, or dark spots.” LOL…

Now off you go my fellow makeup junkies!! Remove, moisturize and dab your little hearts out!!

Did you know??

 Concealer as a Primer.


You can use concealer as an eyelid primer for your eye shadow! For those of you who don’t use primer before your shadow, you may have no idea what you’re depriving yourself of, I urge you to try it. I think this is a great little tip because of the fact that there are plenty of people out there who DON’T use a primer or even own one but those same people will most likely own concealer. I mean who doesn’t have a little something they want to cover up??

Eve Pearl

Anywhoodles, because there are SOOO many types of concealers out there I will tell you that the concealer that you choose to use as a primer should be either skin toned or white. This will ensure that you will get the truest color out of your shadow.


Here are some to consider that do the job, don’t break the bank, save money because they multitask, save space (again with the multitasking) and will last for EVER. A little goes a long way on these babies 🙂


Inspired Occasions- Taia’s Got You Covered



As wedding season fast approaches I thought it might be nice to cater a few blogs specifically to my favorite client, my brides. Sometimes it can be frustrating and draining trying to get every detail just right for your big day. You write it all down, you check your lists, and you feel like you will be able to plan your wedding all on your own. This may be the case, but remember, that sometimes things happen that keep your day from being the one you hoped it would be.

There are some things you want to be sure you have booked in time for your big day. Some vendors fill up faster than others and above all you want to end up with who you chose not who you ended up with because you waited to long. At the end of it all you may do a great job planning your wedding or you would rather someone else do that for you. Maybe the thought of having to oversee everything on your wedding day is something you’d rather not do. Either way, I have some wonderful news for you, with Inspired Occasions, Taia’s got you covered.

I wanted to pick her genius brain for you all to get just a glimpse of what you could be in for if you decide to do yourself the favor of hiring her and her amazing team for your wedding.


Q:Would you categorize yourself as a wedding planner or an event planner?

A: Depends on the day.  Let’s just say I have the skill set to plan any type of event, but my skills are mostly put to use planning and coordinating beautiful wedding days.

Q: How did you come to have such an intriguing profession?

A: I always knew that I wanted to plan parties.  It’s what I did in my spare time for fun.  I got my first professional experience working for American Express.  A large portion of my position was planning all of the internal company events.  That’s when I figured out that I could plan events professionally.  In 2008, a friend asked me to plan her wedding and it was a smashing success.  Two of her guests then booked their weddings and thus Inspired Occasions was born.

Q: What’s your favorite kind of event to plan? Why?

A: I’m a sucker for any event that has ultra-creative or unexpected elements.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful traditional wedding, but I’m really excited when I get to surprise guests with interesting details.  I am particularly fond of the personal nature of weddings.  It is such an honor to be part of such an intimate and important day in a couple’s lives.

Q: Do you have a “go to” team of vendors you work with?

A: I do not have an exclusive list of vendors that I refer to.  I am open to working with all sorts of vendors and always enjoy working with new talented professionals who are doing great work in our field.  That being said, I have been fortunate to get to know several area vendors who consistently do great work and I am happy to recommend them to my clients when I feel they’d be a good fit.

Q: If there are vendors who want to be a part of your team or a team of a planner in their area, what are some things that you look for or would suggest?

A: When I look for vendors for my clients, it’s most important to me that the vendor is doing quality work and is appropriately priced for the quality of service they provide.  It’s also critical that the vendor is a team player and shares my “can do” attitude.  In order for a wedding to be a success, everyone involved needs to be willing to do what it takes to make the day a complete success!

Q: What are some of the coolest places you’ve planned events?

A: The furthest place we’ve gone for a wedding was Mexico.  Any place with palm trees and white sand is cool to me, but the most memorable venue I’ve had the privilege of working was Elm Court in Lenox, Massachusetts.  The mansion is majestic and eclectic and it surrounded by the most amazing scenery.  I just loved the idea of having a very formal and elegant venue in the middle of the mountains.  It’s such a refreshing change from the rustic style venues you often find in mountain settings.

Q: Tell me one of your favorite wedding stories?

A: Back in the fall of 2012, I had the privilege of coordinating an outdoor wedding with a tent reception on a private property on the east side of Lake George.  It was early September and the weather during the day was fantastic; low 80’s and bright sunshine.  Fortunately the sunshine persisted through ceremony and most of cocktail hour but just as cocktail hour was winding down, an intense storm hit fast!  It was a very scary situation.  Despite the walls being down on the tent, most of the tent décor was destroyed.  Kegs of beer from the bar went into the lake.  All of the napkins blew away.  Everything was wet and we lost power.  Thank goodness the storm ended as quickly as it began.

My staff frantically did our best to dry chairs and clean up the tables as best we could, but there wasn’t a whole lot we could do to remedy the damage that had been done.  You’d think in such a serious situation, the guests would be miserable and the couple would be upset, right?  Nope! It was, in fact, just the opposite.  The guests and couple were so relaxed and happy.  There wasn’t one complaint about the wet linens, the lack of napkins, the lack of light . . . nothing.

The best moment of the night was when just after the storm, running on generator power, the leader of the Irish band got up and said “F-it, let’s party!”  They played a great song and everyone got up on that dance floor.  The guests had a blast and at the end of the night, they were treated to the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen.  It was a wild night but one I’ll never ever forget!

Q: What areas does “Inspired Occasions” service?

A: Inspired Occasions will travel wherever clients want us to go, but our predominant service area is the Capital District, lower Adirondacks and Hudson Valley.

Q: Tell me about your wedding/event planners and assistants. Do you have Jr. And Senior planners or do you have assistants that help you out for every event you work? (ie, your event planning team)

A: I have an amazing team of professional women to support me and our clients.  I am currently the only Wedding Planner on our Staff.  However, I’m lucky to have two talented Special Events Coordinators, Sarah and Julie, who lead our team for all sorts of non-wedding related events and three incredible coordination assistants.  All of them have been with me for years and make my job so much easier, not to mention fun.

One thing that I want to point out is that Taia & her team are also available for just the day of your wedding too! You may have planned the whole thing but Taia is also available for making sure that everything you’ve planned runs like a well oiled machine. I’ve seen her in action and even have had to honor of working with her and her calm, professionalism, high standards and know how is something to see.

Do yourself a favor brides to be, contact Inspired Occasions and just see what she can do for you. (click the link!)