Wedding Show February 22nd, 2015!!!


Well folks, I’ve tweeted, Facebooked, Instagrammed, Linkedin’ed it, and finally blogging it. For all of you brides out there or friends of brides, you’re not going to want to miss the show on Sunday February 22nd at SIXTY STATE PLACE in Albany, NY. This show is from 12-4 and will offer enough vendors to provide you with one stop shopping for your big wedding day.

So whether you’re recently engaged or have been planning for a while, DON’T MISS THIS SHOW! Come see me at TABLE W and take advantage of an EXCLUSIVE to Sixty State Place deal for my brides. Come ready to have fun and forget about the cold air whistling outside.

Those of you that know of my business (transitioning from Glowing Faces to Cristina Rivera Beauty) know about my mobile makeup artistry services. Airbrushing on site?! MimosaWhat could be better than that! You can literally stay in your pj’s and slippers, sipping mimosas while having your makeup airbrushed on by a professional wedding makeup specialist. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss what I have in store for you lovely ladies 😉


You’ll receive luxury treatment from the moment you get there with valet parking. Check your coat and grab your “passport”. Stop at every vendor table and get your passport signed to be entered to win some amaaaazing prizes.

Here’s what they’ve got in store for you:

A 50% wedding venue rental at Sixty State Place

2 Night Stay at Lake Placid Courtyard by Marriott (dates are on the GC)

Let’s get this all straight, we’ve got valet parking, vendors GALORE, a chance to win some amazing prizes and FUN!! Tickets are already on sale at just $5.00 at . It really is a steal. Bring your wedding planning notebooks, a pen, and a “lets do this” attitude! Just think, you could go home with everything you need for your wedding day besides your groom 🙂

Hope to see you all there 🙂


Sixty State Place

60 State St.

Albany, NY 12205


Did you know??

 Concealer as a Primer.


You can use concealer as an eyelid primer for your eye shadow! For those of you who don’t use primer before your shadow, you may have no idea what you’re depriving yourself of, I urge you to try it. I think this is a great little tip because of the fact that there are plenty of people out there who DON’T use a primer or even own one but those same people will most likely own concealer. I mean who doesn’t have a little something they want to cover up??

Eve Pearl

Anywhoodles, because there are SOOO many types of concealers out there I will tell you that the concealer that you choose to use as a primer should be either skin toned or white. This will ensure that you will get the truest color out of your shadow.


Here are some to consider that do the job, don’t break the bank, save money because they multitask, save space (again with the multitasking) and will last for EVER. A little goes a long way on these babies 🙂


Inspired Occasions- Taia’s Got You Covered



As wedding season fast approaches I thought it might be nice to cater a few blogs specifically to my favorite client, my brides. Sometimes it can be frustrating and draining trying to get every detail just right for your big day. You write it all down, you check your lists, and you feel like you will be able to plan your wedding all on your own. This may be the case, but remember, that sometimes things happen that keep your day from being the one you hoped it would be.

There are some things you want to be sure you have booked in time for your big day. Some vendors fill up faster than others and above all you want to end up with who you chose not who you ended up with because you waited to long. At the end of it all you may do a great job planning your wedding or you would rather someone else do that for you. Maybe the thought of having to oversee everything on your wedding day is something you’d rather not do. Either way, I have some wonderful news for you, with Inspired Occasions, Taia’s got you covered.

I wanted to pick her genius brain for you all to get just a glimpse of what you could be in for if you decide to do yourself the favor of hiring her and her amazing team for your wedding.


Q:Would you categorize yourself as a wedding planner or an event planner?

A: Depends on the day.  Let’s just say I have the skill set to plan any type of event, but my skills are mostly put to use planning and coordinating beautiful wedding days.

Q: How did you come to have such an intriguing profession?

A: I always knew that I wanted to plan parties.  It’s what I did in my spare time for fun.  I got my first professional experience working for American Express.  A large portion of my position was planning all of the internal company events.  That’s when I figured out that I could plan events professionally.  In 2008, a friend asked me to plan her wedding and it was a smashing success.  Two of her guests then booked their weddings and thus Inspired Occasions was born.

Q: What’s your favorite kind of event to plan? Why?

A: I’m a sucker for any event that has ultra-creative or unexpected elements.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful traditional wedding, but I’m really excited when I get to surprise guests with interesting details.  I am particularly fond of the personal nature of weddings.  It is such an honor to be part of such an intimate and important day in a couple’s lives.

Q: Do you have a “go to” team of vendors you work with?

A: I do not have an exclusive list of vendors that I refer to.  I am open to working with all sorts of vendors and always enjoy working with new talented professionals who are doing great work in our field.  That being said, I have been fortunate to get to know several area vendors who consistently do great work and I am happy to recommend them to my clients when I feel they’d be a good fit.

Q: If there are vendors who want to be a part of your team or a team of a planner in their area, what are some things that you look for or would suggest?

A: When I look for vendors for my clients, it’s most important to me that the vendor is doing quality work and is appropriately priced for the quality of service they provide.  It’s also critical that the vendor is a team player and shares my “can do” attitude.  In order for a wedding to be a success, everyone involved needs to be willing to do what it takes to make the day a complete success!

Q: What are some of the coolest places you’ve planned events?

A: The furthest place we’ve gone for a wedding was Mexico.  Any place with palm trees and white sand is cool to me, but the most memorable venue I’ve had the privilege of working was Elm Court in Lenox, Massachusetts.  The mansion is majestic and eclectic and it surrounded by the most amazing scenery.  I just loved the idea of having a very formal and elegant venue in the middle of the mountains.  It’s such a refreshing change from the rustic style venues you often find in mountain settings.

Q: Tell me one of your favorite wedding stories?

A: Back in the fall of 2012, I had the privilege of coordinating an outdoor wedding with a tent reception on a private property on the east side of Lake George.  It was early September and the weather during the day was fantastic; low 80’s and bright sunshine.  Fortunately the sunshine persisted through ceremony and most of cocktail hour but just as cocktail hour was winding down, an intense storm hit fast!  It was a very scary situation.  Despite the walls being down on the tent, most of the tent décor was destroyed.  Kegs of beer from the bar went into the lake.  All of the napkins blew away.  Everything was wet and we lost power.  Thank goodness the storm ended as quickly as it began.

My staff frantically did our best to dry chairs and clean up the tables as best we could, but there wasn’t a whole lot we could do to remedy the damage that had been done.  You’d think in such a serious situation, the guests would be miserable and the couple would be upset, right?  Nope! It was, in fact, just the opposite.  The guests and couple were so relaxed and happy.  There wasn’t one complaint about the wet linens, the lack of napkins, the lack of light . . . nothing.

The best moment of the night was when just after the storm, running on generator power, the leader of the Irish band got up and said “F-it, let’s party!”  They played a great song and everyone got up on that dance floor.  The guests had a blast and at the end of the night, they were treated to the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen.  It was a wild night but one I’ll never ever forget!

Q: What areas does “Inspired Occasions” service?

A: Inspired Occasions will travel wherever clients want us to go, but our predominant service area is the Capital District, lower Adirondacks and Hudson Valley.

Q: Tell me about your wedding/event planners and assistants. Do you have Jr. And Senior planners or do you have assistants that help you out for every event you work? (ie, your event planning team)

A: I have an amazing team of professional women to support me and our clients.  I am currently the only Wedding Planner on our Staff.  However, I’m lucky to have two talented Special Events Coordinators, Sarah and Julie, who lead our team for all sorts of non-wedding related events and three incredible coordination assistants.  All of them have been with me for years and make my job so much easier, not to mention fun.

One thing that I want to point out is that Taia & her team are also available for just the day of your wedding too! You may have planned the whole thing but Taia is also available for making sure that everything you’ve planned runs like a well oiled machine. I’ve seen her in action and even have had to honor of working with her and her calm, professionalism, high standards and know how is something to see.

Do yourself a favor brides to be, contact Inspired Occasions and just see what she can do for you. (click the link!)


Did You Know?

Did you know?
That some after makeup face sealer can also be used as a primer?! Welp, it’s true. One of my favorites to use for this is Ben Nye Final Seal. With its misty fragrance and light feel it’s an ideal choice for priming as well as sealing!!

It’s made for stage makeup so it’s heavy duty in its effort to keep you waterproof and sweat proof. This is awesome for every day but especially important for big events like weddings, gala’s, prom’s etc.

The frosting on this cake is that this products isn’t going to break the bank either. With sizes ranging from 2 fl oz to 16 fl oz and pricing ranging from $2- $25.50 it is definitely something worth packing in your makeup bag/kit.


Ultimate Ring Event- Saratoga Springs NY


I recently came across something sparkly and shiny that caught my eye. It was a beautiful Saratoga Springs New York pendant at a lovely table at a wedding show I recently worked. This beautiful little bauble was enough to make me stop, pivot and b-line for that sparkle. There I met two sweet ladies who work for n.Fox Jewelers. They were gracious and patient as I introduced myself and asked my questions (love not feeling like I’m bugging someone when I’ve got a lot to ask/say).

There I learned about an event they have coming up (like in 10 minutes) @ their store in Saratoga. It’s “The Ultimate Ring Event” and it’s for ONE DAY ONLY!! uhhh yeah!! ONE stinkin day, but oh what a day that will be.

There these lovely ladies or any of the n. Fox Jewelers staff will be able to help you find just the right rock for your finger (or lobes, or neck, or wrist). Not ready to buy? No big deal, they keep a library of information on all of their customers. They keep track of your likes and dislikes, preferences, sizes and price point. You can literally make it a girls day if you like, go “try on” jewels and then let your significant other where he/she can find a record of what you like. Honestly this jeweler is turning buying an engagement ring into “connect the dots” for all involved. It’s an absolute fool proof way to get your shopping done for the holidays. I mean aren’t we all looking for things to put under the tree, or put in a glass of champagne or just buy for ourselves? The answer is YES!!

So, this October 18th, 2014 from 10am to 5:30pm make sure you get your cookies up to n. Fox Jewelers. They’re located at 404 Broadway, Saratoga Springs. Give them a call if you like to make an appointment so you won’t have to wait. This is going to be a full house so make sure you get your time in with someone 🙂